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Beauty Within

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The Beauty Within

"The Beauty Within" is an organization/club to inspire girls. 

1. To feel good about themselves

2. To help them through their problems

3. To take their mind off things that are bothering them

4. To help stop bullying

5. To prevent suicidal thoughts

6. To help with depression

7. To help them catch up on their school work

We want to make a difference. It is a wonderful place to hang out and talk without judgement, but with great advice. Our meetings are held on Wednesday mornings in Mrs. Taylor's room at 7:20. Our co-sponsor is Mrs. Angie Freeman.

We have plenty of understandable rules, which are the following:

1. No foul language

2. Respect others and their property

3. No video games, iPods, mp3 players, etc. 

4. No boys

5. No students that do not attend EMS

6. No fighting, arguing, disagreeing harshly

7. No racial or negative comments

8. No discretion

The activities include: "Girl Talk," games, music, videos, homework, and possibly field trips.

Subjects discussed are teen related such as:

1. Where to get help for psychological issues

2. Peer pressure

3. Drug or alcohol use

4. Bullying

5. Abstinence

6. Depression

7. Suicidal thoughts and self-harm

8. Building healthy self-esteem

9. Helping others in a non-judgemental way

10. Eating disorders

11. Domestic violence

12. Teen dating abuse

13. Political issues

14. The importance of girls in politics

15. The world and life's big picture